Investing in a world-class transport system


New Thinking And Big Investment Is Reshaping Coventry City Centre

Coventry City Centre is benefitting from millions of pounds of investment that will help it bounce back after the pandemic.

Huge developments, new facilities and improvements to the layout of the centre will help generate jobs, attract further investment and provide new homes.

Solihull Can Bounce Back After COVID

Millions of pounds worth of investment will help Solihull bounce back after the pandemic.

This will deliver a massive transport and housing hub, which will bring quality jobs to Solihull – and help protect the green belt.

My Transport Plan Is Getting The Black Country Moving

Stourbridge, Dudley, Halesowen and the surrounding areas are set to experience a transport revolution, thanks to a huge investment.

Metro expansion works in the area are due to commence in earnest this month, with construction on Castle Hill.

My Transport Plan - With Draw My Town

It's been over a year since I unveiled my ambitious Transport Plan, which depicted how our towns and cities will need to be linked in the coming decades, and we've already made huge progress.

My Transport Plan Progress: One Year On

A year ago, I stood in the halls of Aldridge Transport Museum, surrounded by historic vehicles of all shapes and sizes, to unveil my 2040 Transport Plan.

Our Region Is Undergoing A Transport Revolution

The West Midlands is undergoing a transport revolution. Old railway stations will be reopened. Ground-breaking Very Light Rail networks are being designed. Miles upon miles of Metro tram tracks are being laid to link up communities. Fleets of electric buses are taking to our streets.

Our pioneering bus partnership will get the West Midlands economy moving

As we plot our route out of the pandemic, transport will be vital if we are to get our local economies moving again. While trams, trains and HS2 make headlines as construction sites spring up along new routes, the bus network remains the workhorse of public transport in the UK.